Since having a chronic "bad back", I have combined chiropractic care with massage for the last 11 years. Not only has massage complimented the chiropractic care, it has been beneficial for my total well-being.


Running my own business and living in modern day society with a busy life full of commitments to the family and community takes its toll. One hour a week is for me, and how I spend that hour is by having a massage. Gavin Butler has been my masseuse since he has been in business at the Reservoir Road location, and it is with pleasure that I can honestly report on his good work.


My weekend begins with a massage every Friday afternoon, and the stress of the week is taken away through Gavin's strong hands. He sure knows how to find the sore spots, but by the time he is done, the knots have disappeared. There are times when I think he's akin to a sadist, but a gentle aromatherapy rub would be useless. To get full benefit from a remedial massage, hands have to be firm like Gavin's.


In the three years I have been seeing him, I have never been disappointed in his level of care and concern for my well-being. 


Stocking a range of vitamin supplements is testimony to the extent of care for his customers. Butlers Body In Balance is professionally run and absolutely reliable. 

Anne Naylor, Bayview

In need of a quality massage, I queried several people about their experiences of having a good massage. I heard from two different reliable sources about Gavin’s services and how good they found it to be. So, I booked in.


I found Gavin to be highly conscientious of the whole health spectrum of the body as well as massaging. This holistic approach impressed me as I know the body can suffer in one part from other seemingly non-related aspects. Gavin was thorough in finding out what caused my ailment in the first place so he could recommend alternative or complimentary activities.


The massage was by far one of the best I have had, Gavin knew that although one side of the body ached it was due in part to the other side and focused on the correct balance. Some of the deep tissue work was intense and worth the while. I felt he understood very well, the issues at hand and was able to iron them out accordingly.


I didn't expect miracles straight away, though I did feel repaired immediately after the treatment. The following day or two was when I noticed the benefits, including more freedom of movement and less aching. Together with this massaging plus focusing on alleviating the reason for aches in the first place (for which Gavin suggested a few techniques), I'm sure my road to recovery will be a swift one.


I highly recommend Gavin and his team's services for anyone wishing to relieve those muscle aches and pains, and also for other therapeutic remedies. A thousand thank you’s Gavin for your expertise and advice.

Daniel Sheehan, property4you

My wife and I moved to Cairns after I spent time here acclimatizing for the 2006 Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon and fell in love with the place.


As a keen endurance athlete, I train my body for long distance running, cycling, mountain biking and swimming 6-7 days a week. The only way I'm able to back up intense training sessions is to keep in tune my body and ensure that I'm on top of niggles and muscle tightness as well as general maintenance so that I don't suffer from injury too often.


As such, I've always included massage as an integral and essential part of my training regime and in moving to Cairns I invested in Gavin at Butlers Body in Balance specifically because of Gav's:

  • sporting background and subject knowledge
  • ability to apply significant pressure and intensity during massage
  • astuteness in quickly learning my body's specific needs and requirements, and its weaknesses
  • use of Ultra-sound and Vibrosaun in combination with conventional massage which exponentially improves recovery of tired and stressed muscles holistic approach, encompassing nutrition, supplements and overall well-being
  • flexible schedule
  • positive approach and nature

I continue to appreciate the sincere interest and support Gavin expresses in my training and racing achievements and consider his therapy an important contributing factor to my sporting achievements.


When I'm there for massage I always feel that I'm in good hands.

Mike Le Roux, Edge Hill